Feel Your Feelings

I had the honor of being interviewed by Alexander Bear for the Modern Day Superhero podcast. Please give a listen if you are curious - like many podcasts it begins a bit slow, but I hope it becomes of interest of you if you stick with it! http://modern-daysuperhero.com/mds15-stas/

We discuss

  • Overcoming Fear
  • Learning to Trust Yourself
  • Learning to Trust Your Intuition
  • Cultivating Awareness Around Your Patterns
  • How to Stay Grounded as a Therapist and Healer
  • Gestalt Therapy – what is it and how is it used
  • Getting Closure for Unfinished Past Events
  • Tools for Addressing and Overcoming Trauma
  • How the Physical Body Connects with the Mental and Emotional Fields
  • Creating Deeper Connections with Others
  • The Benefits of Psychotherapy
  • Preventing Relapse
  • Coping Skills v. True Resolution of Psychological Issues
  • The Value of Healing with the Help of a Supportive Community